Desert-Stonewall Democrats

Bylaws and Standing Rules for Endorsement

DSD By Laws Revised 21 Feb 2017

The By-Laws are available in PDF. To open a PDF in a new window, click on the link above. 

Standing Rules for Endorsements

Clarification regarding DSD’s early endorsement process.

Starting seven months prior to an election, declared Democratic candidates are invited to apply for DSD endorsement by completing a questionnaire and attending an interview with the PAC.  Candidates are advised that one candidate per office who is a DSD member in good standing, actively engaged with the club, and who identifies as LGBTQ is potentially eligible for an early endorsement.  If no candidate receives our early endorsement, or if an additional seat for that office is open, any Democratic candidate is potentially eligible for regular endorsement.  

In addition, an incumbent who has previously been endorsed by DSD and is running again for the same office is potentially eligible for early endorsement subject to review of their record in office.